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Margin Protection Sign-up Deadline is Near

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The sign-up date for the Dairy Margin Protection Program is only two days away.

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Time is running out for producers who want to participate in the 2018 Dairy Margin Protection Program (MPP). The deadline is Friday, Dec. 15.

If electing to participate in MPP dairy producer need to complete form CCC-782, elect a coverage level and pay the $100 administrative fee.

Participation does not automatically rollover for those dairy farmers who have previously been covered by MPP, they will also need to re-enroll along with those who are signing up for the first time.

Dairy farmers do have to option to opt out of MPP and instead sign up for for Livestock Gross Margin-Dairy insurance. (For a good discussion of the options, read Robin Schmahl’s blog here.) They can also forego both government programs.

For more information on MPP watch the video above from AgDay or go to the following link from USDA.

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