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Monsanto Petitions Arkansas State Plant Board on Dicamba

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Monsanto on Thursday filed a petition with the Arkansas State Plant Board to halt what it called an “unwarranted and misinformed ban on dicamba,” in a move to ensure that growers in Arkansas have access to the weed-control tool next year.


“Growers in Arkansas and across the U.S. desperately need low volatility dicamba formulations to help them combat the weeds which rob their fields of the essentials needed for a productive harvest.  With this in mind, just moments ago, Monsanto filed a petition with the Arkansas State Plant Board to halt a unwarranted and misinformed ban on this critical tool for over-the-top use during the 2018 season.  We want to ensure that all growers, including those in Arkansas, have access to the latest formulations of dicamba next year,” company spokesmen Charla Lord and Sam Murphey said in a statement.

In a letter from Monsanto’s Dr. Robb Fraley addressed to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, he asked that the Task Force’s recommendation for a dicamba ban after April 15, 2018 be rejected, and that Hutchinson “correct the failed regulatory process that led to Arkansas being the only soybean-growing state in the nation that did not permit the in-crop use of Monsanto’s low volatility dicamba formulation in 2017.”

Links to Monsanto’s petition and accompanying letters are as follows:

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