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FCS offers flexibility to borrowers impacted by Hurricane Harvey

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Farm Credit System institutions are encouraged to work with borrowers who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“System institutions have considerable flexibility under existing FCA regulations to provide disaster relief,” says Dallas P. Tonsager, FCA’s board chairman and CEO.

Institutions may:

  • extend the terms of loan repayments,
  • restructure borrowers’ debt obligations,
  • ease some loan documentation or credit-extension terms for new loans to certain borrowers, and
  • request FCA to grant relief from specific regulatory requirements.

“Measures such as these can help alleviate financial stress for borrowers who have lost crops and who must repair or replace damaged farm equipment and buildings,” says Tonsager.

In addition to affecting borrowers, the storm has also affected several association branch offices, which have closed because of the flooding, lack of electrical power, and wind damage. These institutions have implemented their contingency plans and are working to restore their operations as soon as possible.

“Our thoughts are with all those who have been, and are being, impacted by this massive storm,” Tonsager says.

Source: Farm Credit Administration

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