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Corn Conditions Decline, Soybeans Improve

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Overall, 60% of the corn crop is good to excellent.

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On Monday, USDA released crop conditions for the week ending August 6.

Corn conditions dropped one point this week. Overall, 60% is good to excellent. Illinois had a five point drop in condition. Iowa is down a point, but Indiana is up three percentage points. Last year, USDA reported 74% of the corn crop being good to excellent for the same time frame.

Corn is starting to dent, registering 7%. The five year average is 11% for this week in August.

Soybeans saw a one point gain from last week as 60% of the soybean crop is rated good to excellent, roughly the same as last week. Last year, 72% of the soybean crop was rated good to excellent.

This week USDA reports 90% of the soybean crop is blooming and 65% of it is setting pods.

Spring wheat saw a one point improvement this week, but still on 32% of the crop is good to excellent as much of the wheat acres are under drought conditions.

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