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Corn Condition Declines, Soybeans Improve

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Soybeans saw a two point improvement overall with 59% good to excellent.

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In the latest USDA Crop Progress Report, the condition rating for the Nation’s corn crop declined again this week, but there’s improvement in the soybean fields.

The report issued Monday afternoon shows 61% of corn is good to excellent. That’s down one percentage point from last week. Much of that is driven by a three point drop in Iowa’s corn rating which is now 65% good to excellent. There’s also a two poing drop in Indiana with 49% of the state’s crop in good to excellent condition.

Showing strength is Pennsylvania corn where 44% is called excellent and another 44% is good. Combined those ratings jumped eight points higher from last week’s combined total of 80%.

Soybeans saw a two point improvement overall with 59% good to excellent. Illinois seeing a seven point jump from last week with 66% good to excellent. Indiana is up four points to 51% good to excellent. Also, South Dakota, while mired in drought, actually saw a two point gain in their bean crop, however, only 25% is good to excellent.

Spring wheat conditions continue to struggle with another two point drop in condition rating. In the top six states, 31% of the spring wheat crop is rated good to excellent.

Crop Progress

USDA reports 89% of the Nation’s corn is silking.

USDA reports 28% of the Nation’s corn is in the dough stage.

USDA reports 84% of the Nation’s soybeans blooming.

USDA reports 51% of the Nation’s soybeans are setting pods.

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