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Sonny Perdue Still Not Confirmed…What’s the Hold Up?

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It’s been seven weeks since the White House named former Gov. Sonny Perdue (R-Ga.) as the nominee for the next secretary of agriculture, but a confirmation hearing has yet to be set, leaving farm groups antsy as the USDA is without its chief executive, reports

According to AgDay contacts in Washington D.C., there’s a delay in Perdue’s necessary paperwork which includes financial history, ethics disclosures and a background check from the FBI.

Without those requirements, the Senate Ag Committee is unable to schedule a confirmation hearing. Without an ag secretary, routine processes grind to a halt.

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UPDATE: I reached out to ARA Senior Vice President, Public Policy & Council, Richard Gupton for comment on what is delaying Perdue’s confirmation. Here’s his response via email:

“It is my understanding that the delay relates to paperwork and vetting that still needs to be completed. I am not aware of any major issues or significant opposition in Congress to his nomination. Since Perdue was one of the last Cabinet nominees it has taken a little longer than the others. ARA continues to strongly support his selection to serve as the Secretary of Agriculture and urges a speedy confirmation process once all of the appropriate paperwork has been submitted to Congress by the Trump Administration.”

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