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6 Killed in Southern Plains Wildfires Including 4 in Texas

Firefighters from North Texas have been deployed to the Panhandle to assist in fighting the wildfires.
Winds across the Panhandle should subside for Wednesday, according to the TFS, but elevated fire conditions return to the area Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

A wildfire in the Texas Panhandle has killed three ranch hands, two of whom were a young couple in their 20s trying to usher cattle away from the flames.
Gray County Judge Richard Peet said Tuesday that the two men and the woman were killed when the Lefors East Fire flared Monday afternoon. The three were identified Tuesday morning as Emmert Sloan, Cody Crockett and Sydney Wallace.
Wildfires in Texas Panhandle Prompt Some Evacuations
Crockett and Wallace, both in their 20s and were listed as a couple on Facebook.
Peet, the county’s top administrator, said one of the three apparently died of smoke inhalation late Monday while the other two suffered severe burns and died while being taken to hospitals. Peet said winds of more than 55 mph fanned the flames.

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