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Goat meat gets gold star for protein quality

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Animal protein staples in America have traditionally been beef, pork and poultry—until now. American consumers are warming up to goat meat, a healthy protein choice that 75 percent of the rest of the world has been enjoying for a very long time.

Goat meat is leaner than beef with just as many grams of protein per serving, and it’s actually lower in saturated fat than chicken. Goat meat also has more iron per serving than beef, pork, lamb or chicken.

“Consuming goat meat hasn’t been part of our culture, but its popularity is rising as people search for healthy, lean, hormone-free sources of protein,” said Lindsey Stevenson, nutrition and health specialist for University of Missouri Extension.

Goat farming in the United States is subject to USDA regulations and inspections. No hormones are allowed in production practices, and antibiotics must be used within federal guidelines.

“Look for goat meat sold at traditional grocers or specialty markets. Goat meat can also be ordered online,” said Stevenson.

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