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Hauling Grain? This Decision Tool Can Help.

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grain hauling decision tool

Hauling grain this fall? Check out the free decision tool from the University of Kentucky first.

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One of the final decisions you’ll make this crop season is when and where to transport your grain. But according to University of Kentucky assistant Extension professor Jordan Shockley, the decision isn’t always a simple one.

That’s because multiple factors can influence the transportation cost of grain – including grain price, fuel price, distance traveled, wait time, quality discounts, labor required and truck capacity, he says.

“It is common for most producers to make their market decision based only one of these factors,” Shockley says. “However, all of these factors need to be considered simultaneously when determining the most profitable market option.”

To that end, Shockley and his colleagues at UK have developed the Grain Hauling Decision Tool to make this decision a bit easier. They’ve captured the various variables in a single spreadsheet – users just need to enter in a few data points and they’ll be rewarded with the most favorable grain hauling options available to them.

“In addition, the discount schedules for each buyer are determined based on moisture levels and the buyer’s discount method,” Shockley adds.

Grain Hauling Decision Guide is free to use – click here to download it.

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