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Congress Passes GE Labeling Law

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Congress Passes GE Labeling Law

Animal feed products with GE products will not require labeling

In a big win for agriculture, Congress passed the genetic engineered labeling bill, S.764. This bill, known as the RobertsStabenow agreement, will direct the USDA to put in place a uniform set of rules for GE labels. In a rare effort of bipartisanship, the bill passed the Senate 63 to 30 and the House 306 to 117. At the time of this writing, President Obama had not signed the bill, but is expected to sign it. The bill is especially favorable to those in the feed and livestock industry because it requires labels for human food only. This means animal feed products with GE products will not require labeling, nor the livestock who are fed this product.

The bill is being praised by many industry groups, including the American Feed Industry Association and the National Grain and Feed Association.

Leah Wilkinson, vice president of legislative, regulatory and state affairs, AFIA, said in a statement, “This decision proves Congress understands the need for a national standard, not a patchwork system, when it comes to those supplying food and animal feed, and those purchasing it. Now we look to President Obama to stay true to his word, and sign this bill into law. We urge the president to act immediately, and thank Congress for their swift actions.”

The NGFA’s president, Randy Gordon, commented, “With all things being equal, we would have preferred the House’s prudent approach. But now, the choice is between the Senate-passed bill, the Vermont law or further delay and uncertainty, and of those, the Senate bill is by far the preferable option.”

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