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Cautioning growers planting Dicamba-tolerant soybeans


The Minnesota Soybean Growers Association (MSGA) is cautioning farmers preparing to plant Dicamba-tolerant soybeans.

MSGA president Paul Freeman says the technology is awaiting approval by the EPA and European Union.

“These (products) aren’t approved in the EU yet.  Also, the Dicamba (herbicide) over the top (of soybeans) will not be legal this year as far as we can see.  It’s in the EPA approval process, and that process takes longer and longer unfortunately.  So we’re really concerned about the viability of this seed for this year.”

Representatives from Monsanto and Pioneer have acknowledged this product is available for purchase in Minnesota.

However, no Dicamba herbicide is currently labeled for application on soybeans in the state.

“One of the reasons why we are overly cautious is (because) there are so many new products coming down the road, and it’s imperative they have market access.  We don’t want to screw up anything for these new products that provide better value to our growers and better value to our customers.”

Freeman tells Brownfield growers who have already purchased Dicamba-tolerant soybeans should work with local elevators to check on potential marketing opportunities.

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