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Bayer says Maryland bill not based on science

beesLegislators in Maryland have passed a bill to limit the use of neonic pesticides by homeowners. But, Bayer CropScience, a neonic maker that studies bee health, says the legislation is misplaced. Stephanie Darnell is a pollinator safety scientist with Bayer. She tells Brownfield that science shows bee populations are growing and that homeowners are NOT causing a bee decline. Darnell says, “Even in the state of Maryland has done a study that shows that homeowners are not the cause of this problem. They are acting responsibly. We definitely need to look at these multiple factors that go into it. There IS a need to know – or, understand the science and I think that’s being ignored.”

Darnell says bee health is a complex issue and the proper use of neonics by homeowners and farmers is just one piece of the puzzle. She says bee forages and control of bee diseases are among the other factors.  Under the Maryland bill, homeowners would still have access to neonic pesticides but they would have to pay for them to be applied by a third party.

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